Photo Restoration

In order to perform any restoration services on photos, images or documents we require original material to be scanned.

If you are a local customer we can scan your originals for you while you wait.

If you are e-mailing us images to be restored or you would rather scan the originals yourself please follow the recommendations below.

  1. Scan your originals at a higher resolution. 300 pixels per inch or higher is recommended for best results.
  2. Scan your originals in full color. Sometimes the restoration process can be accomplished with better results when full color images are used. This includes scans made from black & white originals.
  3. Original documents that are torn into several pieces should be scanned at one time but do not position the pieces so they touch each other. Leave a small space between the pieces. This will aid in the assembly of the pieces during the restoration process.

Photo restoration takes 7-10 days depending on work load but we always try to deliver finished products as soon as possible. All restored images will be returned to you electronically.

Before Photo Restoration


After Photo Restoration


Photo Restoration Services

Photo restoration services can be ordered online or in our retail location.

$40.00 per picture.

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