Data Recovery

If your computer has suffered a hard drive failure or damage from a virus we can recover your information with our data recovery service. There are generally two types of failures that will cause the loss of data. Non physical failures and physical failures (a dead or failing hard drive).

In the event of a non physical drive failure data can generally be recovered in house. Non physical drive failures are generally caused by virus damage, corrupt partition information, operating system failures or accidental file deletion. To increase the chances of recovering data from non physical issues it is important to stop using your computer immediately and bring the system to our retail facility for recovery service. If you continue to use a system after data has been lost you will lower the chances of recovering any usable data.

If you have lost data due to a physical hard drive failure we also offer a recovery service through one of our corporate business partners specializing in data recovery of this type. Physical failures generally require your dead hard drive to be sent out for diagnosis. Recoveries of this type are also extremely expensive and generally run from $500.00 - $2,500.00. Recovered data is returned to you on CD's, DVD's or a new external hard drive of the appropriate size. Seeing pricing like this should serve as a powerful reminder as to why it is so important to maintain a good consistent backup strategy. Its easy and relatively cheap to replace a dead hard drive. But it's extremely expensive to recover lost data. There are also no guarantees that all lost data can be recovered.

Please note, data recovery services can be perfomed on most other types of electronic media as well. All brands of CF memory cards (type I and type II), SD memory cards, XD memory cards, Sony SD/MMC memory cards and even Apple iPods.